Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Friday (one)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, hello & welcome to "The Violet Hour". A blog dedicated to reading and writing and giving.
Reading books and writing reviews and giving away prizes.
We'll be reading all types of books and reviewing them for you. If both Shanise and Amanda read the same book then we'll post them in one post. However if one of us reads a book that the other has no intention of reading now or in the near future then we may review it on our own blogs and link you to it in our "mega posts" posted every Sunday.
A "mega post" is when we link you to every blog we posted on our own blogs. From "In My Mailbox", "reviews", " etc...
We will be doing giveaways when we reach 100 or more followers. How often is completely based on time, money and response. We will not limit our giveaways to just YA books but adult books, movies, cds, whatever. And if one of reads a book we have and don't like, well we don't want to keep it, so we may give it away--but it will be on our own personal site, unless it's an adult book.

I know this is a lot to comprehend right now, but once we get everything in order we'll be ready to do reviews and giveaways and just random posts for you.

Please tell people about us!! Tweet about us, facebook about us, blog about us, etc... We'd appreciate it greatly.

To contact us click "contact us" tab at the top and fill out the form. It goes directly to our email. And we never share your email or message with anyone.

To visit Amanda's blog, Another Book Junkie, click here.
To visit Shanise's blog, Camisado Mind, click here.