Friday, October 1, 2010

Follow Friday & Blog Hop!

This week the featured blogger is:
And the question is: What books have bitten you??

Shanise: I don't really know how to answer this, I haven't read a good book that completely took me quite awhile. However I did love Paranormalcy. (See my review here) I will be starting Sisters Red very soon.

Amanda: I'll be honest, the first to "bite" me, was Twilight. I don't care too much for it now, but it definitely had that effect on me. Hush, Hush and The DUFF also drew me in and I'd reread either one in a heartbeat. I'm sure there are others....

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy for Books! It's a way for us book bloggers to find each other and get to know each other!!

We are given a question each week, and this week the question is:
"How do you spread the word about your blog?
(e.g. Social Networking sites, Book Blog Directories, comments on other blogs...)"

Shanise:  I like to enter the blogger lists and do any meme or feature I find enjoyable and hope that I gain more readers. I prefer people to follow because they like what's on my page, not just because they want me to follow them back.
I also have a twitter (@camisadomind) and through asking people to check out my blog and to RT anything I post, I hope that possibly through authors or other larger blogs/bloggers others will click the link & check out my page!
I also like to read comments and comment back. Follow bloggers & make sure to comment on a post I enjoyed.

Amanda: I participate in features, memes, and sometimes challenges. I also link my content through Twitter. I really don't think I do much more than that. What more is there?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (001)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we are anticipating.

This week, we are both anticipating:

Slice of Cherry, by Dia Reeves

Happiness is a bloody knife. 

Kit and Fancy Cordelle are sisters of the best kind: best friends, best confidantes, and best accomplices. The daughters of the infamous Bonesaw Killer, Kit and Fancy are used to feeling like outsiders, and that’s just the way they like it. But in Portero, where the weird and wild run rampant, the Cordelle sisters are hardly the oddest or most dangerous creatures around. 

It’s no surprise when Kit and Fancy start to give in to their deepest desire—the desire to kill. What starts as a fascination with slicing open and stitching up quickly spirals into a gratifying murder spree. Of course, the sisters aren’t killing just anyone, only the people who truly deserve it. But the girls have learned from the mistakes of their father, and know that a shred of evidence could get them caught. So when Fancy stumbles upon a mysterious and invisible doorway to another world, she opens a door to endless possibilities....

Why Amanda wants it:
    This one sounds fun. I've read a few books that were from the perspective of the killer, but none of them sounded as light and humorous as Slice of Cherry. I'm anxious to find out who these girls think "deserve" to be murdered. As for Fancy opening a doorway to another world, this adds an extra touch of fantasy, and you know how I love the impossible.

Why Shanise wants it:
   I loved Dia Reeves' book, Bleeding Violet. The sarcastic & smart ass MC was one of my favorite things about the book. I didn't expect it to be such a paranormal type book. But it was, and it was done well. Now to have twins in a paranormal book, I can only imagine it's double the Hanna, smartass-ness! I actually thought Slice of Cherry was a sequel to Bleeding Violet because of a doll that ate cherries(you'd have to read the book to understand), but it sounds just as fun.
I wonder if these "doors" she opens are like the "doors" that Hanna found...I'm excited! :-)
P.S. that cover is amazing! Ha.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (002)

Thursday Thirteen was started right here at Bury the Castle between the über creative minds of Amanda and Shanise.
Every Thursday we'll come up with a topic and you list thirteen (13) things that fit in the topic. We'll try to change it up every week.
This week's topic is:

Top Thirteen Favorite Book Covers:

(Neither of us are doing our own seperate posts this week, Shanise is on hiatus at the moment. The editor decided not to cooperate with me, so I'm not doing one either. Therefore, there are many many great ones that we aren't listing here. Sorry.  :/ )

Shanise's list:
  1. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, by Morgan Matson
  2. Fallen, by Lauren Kate
  3. Devoured, by Amanda Marrone
  4. Intertwined, by Gena Showalter
  5. Delirium, by Lauren Oliver
  6. Bad Taste in Boys, by Carrie Harris

Amanda's list:
  1. Rules of Attraction, by Simone Elkeles
  2. The Replacement, by Brenna Yovanoff 
  3. So Shelly, by Ty Roth
  4. The Dead Tossed Waves, by Carrie Ryan
  5. Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare
  6. Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

Our top common favorite:
  1. Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick
**Links take you directly to a picture of the cover.

So what are your favorite book covers? Leave us a comment and let us know, or if you create your own list, leave us the link so we can pay your blog a little visit!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

Well, it's Saturday!! And as some of you know this blog is co-hosted by two girls, Amanda & Shanise, and it turns out we have our own blogs that we host as well. So most every weekend we're going to leave you with a "mega" post letting you know what we have going on at our other blog. Just in case we need feedback about something, Giveaways going on....or something of that nature. So, lets get started!
Amanda hosts Another Book Junkie.
Shanise hosts Camisado Mind. (And Twisted Symphony)

Sunday (Aug. 1st)
1. In My Mailbox

Monday (Aug. 2nd)
1. Meet Me on Monday
2. Tell me a Secret trailer

1. Meet Me on Monday

Tuesday (Aug. 3rd)
1. Tune Tuesday

1. Tune Tuesday
2. Review: Devoured by Amanda Marrone
3. Re-create a cover of Coffeehouse Angel

Wednesday (Aug. 4th)
1. Waiting on Wednesday | Past Midnight
2. Avoid Clichés. Or...not?

1. Waiting on Wednesday | The Water Wars

Thursday (Aug. 5th)
1. Re-create a cover for The Thirteenth Chime
2. Re-create a cover for Coffeehouse Angel
3. Re-create a cover for Dead to the World
4. Thursday Thirteen

1. Re-create a cover for Dead to the World
2. Thursday Thirteen

Friday (Aug. 6th)
1. Follow Friday and Blog Hop

1. Re-create the cover voting round two | (active, please vote for mine)!
2. Review: Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Saturday (Aug. 7th)
1. Smitten on Saturday

1. Review: Chasing Windmills by Catherine Ryan Hyde
2. Smitten on Saturday

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Hop and Follow Friday!

Book Blogger Hop

(Click the pictures to go the sites hosting the Hops!)
There is no featured blogger for Follow Friday this week.

Book Blogger Hop question:
Do you listen to music when you read? If so, what are your favorite reading tunes?

Shanise's answer: No, rarely. Though there are times when I have my classical music playlist going on my iPod. I listed to that when I'm sleeping, so I'll turn it on right before I go to bed....and I like to read before bed. Whether it's a page or a few chapters. But I cannot listen to music with actual words, because I just want to sing along. When I read, I'm usually sitting on my bed, completely out of reach of my computer or I like it semi quiet.

Amanda's answer: I go through these strange moods where I either need to have it completely silent, or listen to music all day long. Regardless of which mood I'm in on any given day, I'm usually reading at some point. When I do listen to music, I usually just put my entire iTunes playlist on shuffle. This consists of many artists, but the artists you'll hear come on most often are Tech N9ne, Slipknot, and Paramore. iTunes knows me so well.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (001)

Thursday Thirteen was started right here at Bury the Castle between the über creative minds of Amanda and Shanise.
Every Thursday we'll come up with a topic and you list thirteen (13) things that fit in the topic. We'll try to change it up every week.
This week's topic is:

Places You'd Like to Visit:

Amanda's list:
  1. London, England
  2. Dead Sea
  3. Paris, France
  4. Iceland
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Niagra Falls
Amanda's full list, here.

Shanise's list:
  1. Rome, Italy
  2. Athens. Greece
  3. Los Angeles, California
  4. Houston, Texas
  5. New York, New York
  6. Miami, Florida
Shanise's full list, here.

Our top common place:
  1. Canada

So, where would you like to visit? Leave us a comment & let us know!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Friday (one)

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If you're here from clicking our link, we hope you enjoy our page. We are brand new (two days old) and would love more followers!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, hello & welcome to "The Violet Hour". A blog dedicated to reading and writing and giving.
Reading books and writing reviews and giving away prizes.
We'll be reading all types of books and reviewing them for you. If both Shanise and Amanda read the same book then we'll post them in one post. However if one of us reads a book that the other has no intention of reading now or in the near future then we may review it on our own blogs and link you to it in our "mega posts" posted every Sunday.
A "mega post" is when we link you to every blog we posted on our own blogs. From "In My Mailbox", "reviews", " etc...
We will be doing giveaways when we reach 100 or more followers. How often is completely based on time, money and response. We will not limit our giveaways to just YA books but adult books, movies, cds, whatever. And if one of reads a book we have and don't like, well we don't want to keep it, so we may give it away--but it will be on our own personal site, unless it's an adult book.

I know this is a lot to comprehend right now, but once we get everything in order we'll be ready to do reviews and giveaways and just random posts for you.

Please tell people about us!! Tweet about us, facebook about us, blog about us, etc... We'd appreciate it greatly.

To contact us click "contact us" tab at the top and fill out the form. It goes directly to our email. And we never share your email or message with anyone.

To visit Amanda's blog, Another Book Junkie, click here.
To visit Shanise's blog, Camisado Mind, click here.